Portraits With Jesse

I love shooting people and families, so portrait work is the foundation on which I build my whole photography practice. The look on a new mother’s face or the smile of a grandparent seeing 3 generations together for the first time makes it easy for me to be a photographer - that moment is as rewarding for me as it is for you.

Strange as you may think it, my favorite clients are those that tell me that they hate having their picture taken, or that they always look bad in front of the camera. I take a lot of pleasure in taking on that challenge, and proving to them that the secret to a great shot is the right timing, the right location, and the right photographer. I can often influence and control all those variables so the end result is something that you’re sure to be happy with.

How I Shoot

While anyone can stick two people together, tell them to look at the camera, and say “cheeeeese,” I’ve found that the best shots come at those times in between the poses. It’s my job to set you up for success, in a good location, and with good lighting, and then help you relax enough to show your best side.

I love to work outside, and I enjoy shooting in non-traditional locations. This gives you a backdrop that is unique to you and a collection of pictures that will be the envy of those on your annual Christmas Card letter mailing list. A senior portrait session in a rock quarry, engagement photos in an abandoned industrial area, or a grandfather and his newest granddaughter in their backyard all make for exceptional locations to catch those once-in-a-lifetime shots that we all love so much.

How I Price

While most photographers charge a relatively small sitting fee to shoot your portraits, somewhere around $50, they make their real money by charging you for prints by the “sheet.” This means that each 8x10, pair of 5x7s, or quad of 4x6s costs between $20 and $40 every time you buy them. So, if you decide to place a rather modest order with your photographer of two 8x10s, four 5x7s, twelve 4x6s, and four sets of wallet prints, your $50 photo sitting can turn into almost $500.

Instead of giving you hidden pricing and an unwelcome surprise at the end of the shoot I prefer to just charge for the time I spend shooting your portraits. When finished, I give you a disc packed with full-resolution images, for you to print at whatever cost per print that works for your budget. Every time you print images from a Jesse Jones Photography shoot, you save money!

[UPDATE: For the rest of 2014, Jesse Jones Photography portrait sessions reduced!]

I’ve restructured my portrait pricing to greatly simplify it. Each discrete 30-45 minute shoot with me is $250. That means that your daughter’s senior portrait session is $250, and 45 minutes of shooting 4 generations of family together in the park is just $250.

When you go to a quality, local print shop to order the same prints as the example above, they will cost you less than $25! If you’re unsure of where to get prints of your photos made or you don’t know which store will give you the best quality, I’m more than happy to use my contacts in the industry to get you the same deals that I take advantage of when getting prints of my own family. You can rely on me to get you great shots, and great prints, too.

The Last Word

I take pride in helping you make the best pictures of you and your loved ones possible. If you give me the time and the trust, I’ll give you some pictures that you and your family will enjoy for decades to come.