Weddings With Jesse

    Booking a wedding with Jesse Jones Photography means that you have one less thing to worry about on the day of your wedding. You can sit back and enjoy that special collection of minutes and memories, knowing that I’ll be there to catch all of the festivities and give you the freedom to look back at them for years to come.

    Weddings are typically a structured and scripted day, so working with a photographer who has a relaxed and candid style (such as myself) will help bring out the spontaneity and true personality of you and your partner, your bridal party, and even your guests. Let’s face it - no one looks their best (and like themselves) when they’re continually being hounded to “stand this way,” or “look that way” under the constant barrage of predetermined photo poses. I’ve found that if you spend your time flowing with the day as it comes, you end up with a much more natural and organic collection of photos, a true documentation of your wedding as opposed to someone else’s interpretation of it.

    That’s the way I prefer to work, and I think the portfolio you see above is testament to the effectiveness of my process.

How I Shoot

    I pride myself in taking relaxed and candid photos. While I’m quite comfortable perfecting the standard shots that most weddings require, I really feel that I come into my own when the day just “happens” around me, and I’m there to see it all through the viewfinder. Whether it’s the flower girl with stage fright hiding behind the bride’s dress, the uncle who has surprisingly good dance moves, or that special look shared between a newly-married couple alone for a few precious seconds at the sweetheart table, sometimes it’s all of the things that happen between the milestones that define the unique flair of the day.

    When you entrust me with capturing your wedding on film, you can relax and enjoy as much of your special day as you can, knowing that I’ll give you a photo package which you’ll look at again and again; those memories won’t slip away with the years - they’ll simply grow stronger each time you flip through your album.

How I Price

    While most photographers charge a relatively small fee up-front to shoot the wedding, somewhere around $500-$1000, they make their real money by charging you for prints by the “sheet.” This means that each 8x10, pair of 5x7s, or quad of 4x6s costs between $20 and $40 every time you buy them. So, if you decide to place a rather modest order with your photographer of five 8x10s, ten 5x7s, and one hundred 4x6s, you’re looking at an additional $1400.

    Contrary to this industry practice, I prefer to just charge for my time shooting the wedding, and when finished, I give you a disc packed with full-resolution images, for you to print wherever you choose at whatever cost per print that works for your budget. Every time you print images from a Jesse Jones Photography wedding, you save hundreds of dollars.

[UPDATE: I’ve updated my packages below to reflect special pricing on all 2014 weddings!]

Silver Package - $2500 $2000

    The Silver package has 6 hours of time in it, and is intended to cover just the wedding day itself. While 6 hours may seem like a lot of time, it goes quite fast - your entire wedding day will feel like it flies by, I guarantee it! I highly recommend at least 1 hour (preferably 2) of time before the wedding to capture the bridal preparations and get shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen together. An hour is dedicated to the ceremony, and the formal bridal returns that are shot immediately following. That leaves just 3-4 hours for the reception, including:

    As you can see, the time goes by incredibly quickly, and I think that 6 hours for the wedding day is just about enough.

Gold Package - $3200 $2500

    The Gold Package is my most popular package, and has an additional 2 hours, compared to the Silver Package. It’s intended for weddings with long receptions, or for couples that would like to devote an hour or two of photographer time to either engagement shots or the rehearsal dinner.

    This is the most balanced package I offer, and the added time for engagement shots has multiple advantages. That extra hour of shooting and time spent together as photographer and subject gives a great base on which to build the relationship of trust and ease in front of the camera - without a doubt this leads to the best possible shots on your wedding day.

Platinum Package - $7500 $5000

    The Platinum Package is the photography equivalent of having your cake and eating it too (pun intended!) , and is intended to cover the wedding that has it all. If you have an entire weekend of festivities planned in Tahoe, or plan on including the entire wedding party in a 2-day rafting trip down the Trinity River, the 15 hours included in this package can document it all.

    With 15 hours of photography, a couple can enjoy complete coverage of their engagement shots, the entire day before the wedding (including wedding rehearsal and dinner), and still have plenty of time for me to shoot a reception that goes until the wee hours of the morning.

The Last Word

    Working with me on your wedding day means that you’ll get the most candid and memorable photos of you and your best friends - all for the best price. Once you’ve experienced how rewarding it is to work with a professional and personable photographer, you won’t remember how you survived without one.